Welcome to our plant-powered lifestyle

Nirmala is a charming story of a plant-powered passion that began in2015 from the home kitchen table of Motshabi Mabena (enchantingly known as Mo).
The Nirmala journey was brought about by Mo’s strong personal desire of a plant based wellness lifestyle that incorporates cold pressed juices. On her arrival back to South Africa in 2013, after having travelled and worked all over the United States’ best hotels and holistic destination spas, she could not find any cold pressed juices on offer especially to her taste. Her frustration with lack of cold pressed juices pushed her to delve in deeper into the cold pressed juicing idea. 

Thus the “juicing experiments lab” at her home kitchen was established. Mo eventually managed to come up with winning pure premium cold pressed juice flavours, after numerous trials and errors and feedback from friends and family. Friends and family started ordering for daily supplies. This led to word of mouth recommendations and orders soon expanded outside her circle.


Mo was then inspired to formally create a cold-pressed juice and health food lifestyle entity. She named it Nirmala; meaning PURE in Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language). Our Journey from 2015 to present continues to amaze as we are growing and hitting exciting milestones. We now operate from a boutique factory in centurion, Pretoria (Gauteng Province). 

We currently sell via our online platforms to individual customers and we are also capacitated to fulfil bulk orders from high-end boutique hotels
and restaurants, deli shops, wellness studios and spaces. As we grow and evolve however we remain true to our purpose and mission of consistently providing our customers with pure premium products every time. Nirmala has grown to offer far more than flavourful healthy cold pressed juices. We now also offer various complimentary premium products for a plant-forward lifestyle.

Our Product ethos

At Nirmala we think everyone deserves a pure nutritional balance in order to experience the best of what nature has to offer, which is why we’re dedicated to making nutrition as accessible as possible through our pure premium juices, super foods and plant-powered products.
Our products are packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and more nutrients to help you create and maintain a healthier lifestyle for yourself.
We want to create a ‘Nirmala Effect’ experience, which is a pure
effect as nothing is added or taken away when making the Nirmala products.”


Our record speaks for itself. Nirmala flavours are well researched
and they were a hit since inception and continue to be to this
day. Each product is constructed using seasonal produce and
herbs. We hold ourselves to a high standard principle of no sugar,
salt, water, colourants, flavourants and preservatives added.


Body system reset and revitalising is in Nirmala DNA hence our
products composition is set up to boost and give ample dose of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. We even
have concentrated doses in a form of our daily vitality shots,
which also become your immune system’s companion during
our reset juice-cleanse.


Our products are bursting with raw nutrition that goes straight to
work in your body and begin to repair, heal and revitalise your
system. We strive to make every ingredient as beneficial as
possible for example we press our ginger rather than using
powdered versions.


Our Juices are proudly produced using the cold pressed method.
This method is the best for preserving more of what we find
advantageous within plenty of fruits and vegetables. Cold
Pressing uses hydraulic press, which does not involve any heat
while other juicing methods use heat, which then compromises
the enzyme and nutrient extraction from the produce.


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